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Rixos Bonus GDPR

1 - Personal data processed with the data controller ID

In accordance with the law on personal data protection No. 6698 ("Law No. 6698") listed in this article; Your personal data, such as your personal information, workplace information, contact information, transaction security information, marketing information; As the data controller of Fine Otel Turizm Işletmecilik A. Ş ("Company"), we, in accordance with the Law on personal data protection No. 6698 ("Law"), may process the data within the framework described below.

2 - For what purposes your personal data will be processed

Your personal data transmitted to us and collected by us; Implementing the necessary processes to enable you to use the products and services offered by the company, executing contracts and processes for handling customer complaints and requests, conducting analysis processes to provide you with special services for your requests related to our products and services, managing customer relationships and ensuring healthy communication with customer satisfaction, This is done in order to perform the processes of providing placement services, conducting marketing processes related to the services offered, conduct campaigns and promotion processes created by our affiliates, conduct commitment processes for products and services, and conduct activities in accordance with the law.

3 - To whom and for what purposes your processed personal data may be transferred

Your personal data; Transfer of information necessary to fulfill our obligations under our service contract to service providers, etc. For the legitimate interests of the data controller, such as the requirement to process personal data belonging to the parties to the contract, the use of corporate programs, the use of the services and software for business continuity and business development, as well as actions taken by the company, provided that it is directly connected with the conclusion or execution of the contract, such as claims. provided that data processing is mandatory; it is transmitted to our business partners, affiliates, group companies, suppliers, official government agencies and organizations. In addition, your personal data, servers and cloud systems are located abroad for our domestic business partners, our foreign shareholders, business partners; subject to your explicit consent, or provided that the data controllers in the relevant foreign country undertake appropriate protection in writing and the personal data protection Board has permission.

4 - Methods and legal reasons for collecting your personal data

Your personal data; During the period of your participation in the Rixos Bonus program and after that; Information and documents that you send physically are collected in writing by us or from third parties on physical and electronic media by automatic means, using information and documents that you transmit electronically. Our processing of your personal data is limited to the above purposes in accordance with article 5 of Law No. 6698; Provided that this is directly related to the conclusion or performance of the contract, it is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties to the contract, data processing is mandatory for granting the right, or data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of data control, provided that this does not prejudice the fundamental rights and freedoms of data control. based on your explicit consent or in accordance with article 5 of Law No. 6698.

5 - the rights of the owner of personal data listed in article 11 of Law No. 6698 on personal data protection.

As a related person, if you have a Request regarding your rights under article 11 of Law No. 6698; by filling out the personal data protection application form, which you can get on our website www.rixos.com, in accordance with the procedures and principles, or using its own application, which meets the minimum conditions set out in the Communique on application procedures and principles for the data processing authority; With your email address registered in our system, or with a mobile signature, or with an electronic signature, to our KEP address fineotel@hs02.kep.tr, on kvkk@rixos.com or By sending an electronic signature or Meltem Mahallesi, Sakıp Sabancı Bulvarı, No: 3 Muratpaşa / Antalya you can submit an application with a wet signature of the written application or through a notary. As a company, we will review your application free of charge as soon as possible, but no later than thirty days, depending on the nature of your request. However, if the transaction requires additional costs, The company will charge a fee at the rate determined by the personal data protection Council.