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This agreement, within The framework of the law 6563 on regulation of electronic Commerce and the Regulation on commercial communication and commercial electronic communications, is aimed at declaring General / special opportunities in relation to the services offered by Fine Otel Turizm I┼čletmecilik A. ┼×. To send messages, to share content such as presentations and newsletters, to send commercial emails and other communications in accordance with existing promotion and advertising laws, to process my contact information, identification information, marketing information, sales of goods / services, and advertising / campaigns / advertising processes that they are received for certain purposes and that messages will be sent to me through the channel I prefer, that I can always change my communication preferences or that I can stop communication by refusing the transaction specified in the messages sent to me, without any reason and by law It includes my consent to send me commercial emails and other messages via SMS / text message, automatic call, phone call, social networks and Internet advertising networks, email / mail and other electronic communication channels, if necessary.

I have read and understood this agreement regarding commercial electronic communications to be sent to me. In this context, I expressly consent and allow you to send me commercial email messages through the channels that I prefer below.